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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Elyssia, Jul 3, 2017.

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    Ah yes, the age-old 3d modeling progress killer, The Wing Membrane.

    I've had a discussion with the kind people on the skyrim modding forum about this before. Maybe you should take some notes on the wing animation in Skyrim, or from the movie How To Train Your Dragon which has some of the best most detailed wing animation I've seen. I'm pretty sure there are some videos up from behind the scenes, that explain how it's done. The easiest thing I would do is create sections between the fingers of the wing that stretch and morph as it moves. Much easier said than done, it needs a flexible texture and looks kind of crappy when the wings fold up. I wish you all best of luck figuring out this issue.

    The rawhide armory looks exactly how it should, incredibly uncomfortable and primitive. Modeling looks nice so far though the back of the pants looks a bit strange and unfinished. Maybe that's just because of the texture of the rawhide. I really like the gloves though, and how they fit to the hands. That's gonna be a bit tough to animate.

    Don't push yourselves too hard! Your progress this past year has been exceptionally amazing and you should be careful not to lose momentum, however that doesn't mean you shouldn't spend any time taking long breaks and tending to your other responsibilities.
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    Happy Independence Day Americans :)

    Good progress ToA developers!
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    A belated happy 4th! That rawhide armor looks good! Closing in on testing, eh? *cracks knuckles*
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