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Night Is Dark

Discussion in 'Community Content' started by Yevi, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Yevi

    Yevi Programmer

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    Ever play a game and night befalls you? Wow, good thing I brought all those torches... Except, you can still see. In the deepest, darkest cave, you can still see.

    Not so in these parts. Night time requires light. Well, at least for the humans.


    Important safety tip. Never, EVER, have only 1 torch. Or you will be looking at this:
    There's a torch around here somewhere... Where did I put that house?
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  2. Xalbenth

    Xalbenth Journeyman

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    lemme just... *breaths fire on human* there you can see now
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  3. Rurahk Silverhand

    Rurahk Silverhand Artisan

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    Give someone torch and they can see for an hour, light them on fire and they'll see for the rest of their life.
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  4. Loestri

    Loestri CoFounder / Project Manager Staff Member

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    Those are a very good illustration of why humans need torches. Brax and I have had our own experiences with the dark night skies of Exile without a torch and being hunted by Evisceraptors at night. Ahhh. . . fun times.
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