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Shadow Of The Falcon - Part 3: Psuedo-mercenary

Discussion in 'The Fungal Muck Inn' started by Dustweaver, Feb 20, 2019.

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    Part 2

    Bandits, bandits, bandits.

    James sighed as he stared at the inn's notice board. Although the famine seemed to be passing, bandit clans were still actively harassing the outer settlements.
    As he made his way back to the bar counter, he overheard two individuals discussing the board. Judging by their armour, James guessed them to be part of a mercenary guild.

    "Bah, nothing as usual," grunted the older one, lightly scratching his beard. The younger one seemed a bit perplexed at his colleague's statement.

    "What do you mean? There are plenty of bandits to kill-"

    "Look at the rewards, my boy!" snapped the older merc, "Halfway into the hinterlands, then risking our lives fighting savages, all for a few silvers? Come on, let's go back to the hall."

    The boy hesitated as the old merc turned to leave.

    "But, won't they die if we don't do somethi-" the old merc waved away the question as he walked out the door.

    "We are mercenaries my boy, not heroes! Let some other fool go die for them."

    "...yes sir." The young merc hung his head and followed his elder.

    James sat for a little while longer, musing on the conversation he had just heard, the silver amulet resting in his fingers. A slight warmth emanated from it, as if agreeing with the conviction growing in his mind.
    Draining the last of his glass of whiskey, he placed a silver on the counter, hoisted his leather rucksack and bow, then walked up to the board.

    "Now, how to choose..." He thought, looking at the board, there were many request, with varying mainly in reward.
    After a short moment, the answer came to him.

    James lifted the amulet to the board and moved it across the various posts.

    "Cold, cold, cold... Ah, there we go." The amulet almost glowed with the warmth it let off.
    James took the parchment, scanned it for a moment before placing it in his rucksack. He nodded to the barkeep, who was inspecting the silver, then went towards the door.
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    Yes this is not the entire chapter, will be continuing as I find the time.
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    Upon exiting the soft, dark hues of the inn into the gleaming white and blue of Heirun's city streets, James began his path to the North Gate, sifting his way through the usual rabble of merchants, off duty guards and commoners. As he went along, he couldn't help but notice a certain commotion
    occurring in the courtyard of the mercenary guild.

    "Oh, to the Abyss with you lot!"

    A tall, lean merc stormed out of the courtyard, the clusters of people abruptly clearing the space for him. He had begun to march southward when he spotted James, and the quest notice he was holding.

    "Hey, hunter!" he gruffed loudly, "What's that quest asking for?"

    James, needless to say, was slightly startled.

    "Um, er.. to deal with bandits?" He replied.

    "Ah, excellent. I think I'll join you."

    "What? But the pay is horri-"

    "Doesn't matter!" The merc, slightly taller than James, gave him a rough pat on the back. In the same motion, be began steering James towards the gates.

    "Tired of hanging around these useless meat-sacks, I need some adventure."
    He hunched down slightly and whispered, "Besides, we can just sell whatever we loot off those damn bandits, right?"

    James chuckled slightly at that.

    "Heh, fair enough."

    As they made their way through the gates, James noticed the man and one of the guards glare at each-other, before the guard lost his nerve and broke eye contact. A little worried, James touched the amulet, hoping to discern the trustworthiness of this new fellow.

    The silver metal was warm.
    Feeling slightly relieved, he decided to question his new friend a little bit.

    "I take it you've had trouble with he guards before?"

    "Ah, you noticed that." And small smirk curled it's way onto his face, "Guards don't like me, I don't like them. It's basically a law of nature these days."

    As James was pondering the possible crimes of his new companion, the man chirped up again.

    "Ah, by the way, the name's Zaltais."
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