Trials of Ascension


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The recorded histories of the lifeforms of Tervarus span thousands of years and three ages. Here you will find a variety of documents and tales to give you greater insight into the lives of those who call these lands home.

The Age of Emergence reveals the very beginnings of human civilization. From their tribal villages arise great cities that become centers for the growth of knowledge, trade, and culture. This age heralds the infancy of arcane mastery, bringing power to many and sowing fear among the uninitiated. The first reports of a race of giant winged creatures known as dragons are recorded in this age. They are attributed with mystical powers and make several appearances in stories and legends, though actual sightings of the beasts are extremely rare.

In time the prolific nature of the humans brings about increasing conflict amongst the fledgling kingdoms as they compete with one another for finite land and resources. The Age of Shadows dawns on what is to be known in time as the Dark Wars; a minor territory dispute that escalates into a continent-wide conflict, soaking the disputed lands in storms of blood. The war rages on for nearly a generation, but the loss of life is merely a small portion of the misfortune to befall the humans. For beneath the very land they bitterly battle over dwells a new nemesis, patiently waiting in the deep darkness.

Earthquakes shake the continent, leveling tracks of land and revealing intricate networks of caverns and tunnels to the light of day for the first time in many millennia. The vicious raknar, a race of giant arachnid now freed from their long imprisonment, spill forth across the lands and ravage every settlement they encounter in pursuit of prey for their hives.

Threatened with imminent extermination by the raknar swarms, the citizens of the prosperous coastal settlement of Shorepointe launch themselves adrift to sea on makeshift rafts in hopes of fleeing the ravenous menace. Their leader, Mage-Lord Kristoff, remains behind to hold back the rampaging creatures and buy enough time for his people to escape. The survivors reach landfall on distant islands known as the Lost Isles, while the less fortunate are lost to the furious storms of the sea. They find the islands wrapped in enchanted mists that devour all arcane energy, rendering once powerful relics to tarnished decorations and making travel between the neighboring islands impossible. Scattered and leaderless, with only the clothes upon their backs, the people of Shorepointe must make the most of their situation.

However humans are not the first intelligent life to venture onto the Lost Isles. The survivors will soon find themselves in conflict with other races over resources and must rise above their struggles to thrive in their new home.

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